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The Capitol Rises

The Capitol BSC was launched as the central, or capitol, token for the platform. An expansive DeFi ecosystem that will consist of 13 supporting layers, also known as Districts, that interlink to create a fully fledged decentralized ecosystem that produces and curates the hottest blockchain technology and gaming content. Farming, gaming, NFTs, and much much more.



New Website, District 1, and Ecosystem 3/28/22

Welcome back, citizens of the Capitol.

We have been hard at work creating the necessary infrastructure for the rise of the Capitol. NFTs, games, websites, we have been rebuilding everything from the ground up!

Current Projects

District One (D1)

The beating heart of the Capitols Districts and the SquidDogs ecosystem. NFT minting, buying, selling, trading. All SquidDogs games associated project and game NFTs will be released through District 1. 

Honkler's Revenge - P2E Beat Em' Up

Agent Blaq Swanson and what's left of Meme-Team-Six, battle against Lord Cybog and his band of bear market minions in a last ditch attempt to safe the Honklerverse. Play to earn now exclusively for citizens of the Capitol!

NFT Collections

Preorder Now 

Derpy Animals - Chicken

? of ?

G1 - Shibaz 3

1 of 1

Anime Waifu #0

0 of 1155

Virtual Gaming

Capitol ($CPTL) is the native token of Capitol ecosystem - one of the most ambitious projects on the Binance Smart Chain.
The platform consists of 13 decentralized districts, all of which serve a unique and vital
function. While District 1 will be designated an NFT mint and auction house, other
districts will operate as a play-to-earn gaming platform, a fully-operation DEX, a
governance voting platform, and much more.

With the reality of web 3.0 closer than ever, focus must be put on community-oriented solutions that
meet the future demands of DeFi, gaming, and decentralized governance - all of which Capitol
($CPTL) is well-positioned to do.
$CPTL can be thought of as the global currency of of the utility based ecosystem within the larger SquidDogs . All transactions
performed on any of the 13 districts will incur a tax of 2% - 5% paid in $CPTL. For example, when an NFT is minted on District 1, the creator will be subject to a 5% tax which is then redistributed to
$CPTL holders in the form of BUSD.

$CPTL should be thought of as a savings account, the more $CPTL you hold, the more reflections you'll receive as the ecosystem grows.


BUSD Reflection



3% & 2%

Liquidity & Buyback



District 1 (November 21- March  22)

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

SquidDogs Takeover*
Develop P2E System*
Organic Growth*
Website relaunch-
Honklers Revenge-
Nagasaki Shibaz-
Missing 1155-
Animals Crossing Roads
NFT Platform Onramp-
District 1 Complete

1000 Holders

District 3 ( April - June )

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Nagasaki Shibaz Season2
Advertising Revenue-
NFT Node Staking-
1st teaser of Manga-
Missing 1155-
Partnerships on D1-

10,000 Holders

District 2 (July - September)

Portfolio & Game Tracking

Android & IOS Gaming Wallet P2E Tracker

50,000 Holders

District 7(October - Jan 2023)

Full Defi Suite tailored to Gamers

Multiple P2E and Advertising partner based onramps for Gamers-

SquidDogs Gaming wallet and ios/android P2E tracking app-

VR Trading Lounge, with access to wallets, NFTs, Friends, Charts, Movies and Music S

100,000+ Holders-

To be announced based on community consensus and completion of development cycles.

The most BASED team in crypto.

With ambitions to become the most legitimate project on BSC, our team developed the entire SquidDogs ecosystem to help the Capitol rise to its proper place

With over 100 years of combined blockchain and digital wizard experience, we here at Capitol are doxxed and always working for our community.

Studio Staff

Wut Honker

Project Management/Solidity Dev/Game Designer

Chad Honkler

Art Director/Game Designer


Developer/Game Designer


Operations/Marketing Director

Studio Staff


3D Artist

Lemon Sprinkles

Human Resources


Audio Engineer


Community Manager

Studio Soundcloud

SquidDogs team AMA's and original music.

Our Partners

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